A rare opportunity to photograph a rare Porsche... the 991 GT3 Touring.   Challenge accepted, with the vehicle under standard 'dealership' lighting at Porsche Centre Malmö, the aim was to produce the photos replicating a studio location.   Each of us chose a different technique to offer a variety of images for the PC, also stretching our skills to illustrate the capabilities of RedLineStudios in uncontrolled lighting environments. 

Mercedes Benz AMG GT

A 'one-of-a-kind' AMG GT coupe finished in the stunning Solarbeam yellow and custom black detailed trim and wheels.   The owner wanted the vehicle photographed showing the powerful stance emphasising the aggressive nature of AMG vehicles.  The natural scene was using complimenting colours, so 'blue hour' into twilight was chosen as the optimum time.   

Porsce 911 996 Turbo

The underdog of 911 Turbos, this perfect example was always ready to step up to the stage.   The brief was to remind everyone that the 996 version has the curves and timeless family resemblance that is Porsche.   17 years on and original paint just goes to show the resilience of sports car perfection from the start, making this vehicle a simple delight to capture in both Photography and Video.

Mercedes Benz 190SL 1955

Pin-up class was the only way this gorgeous 190SL should be photographed.   On location in Denmark, the shoot brief was to use models to compliment the vehicle and bring out the style that built the roadster of today.   Not even dull light and misty rain could hold back the momentum once the car started stealing the show, producing a​ highly rewarding and adventurous shoot.